About us

NF Systems Limited (“NFS”) was incorporated in early 2014 with its market-proven technology to  revolutionise the way businesses protect their products and intellectual property, and to provide consumers with a convenient and trusted product authentication system.

NFS is a collaborative project and is owned by Hong Kong Security Printing Limited. At NFS, we recognize the boundless utility of NFC technology, a function that is readily available on most smart phone devices. Its unique security features make it particularly apt for the industry.

Our Mission

As a pioneer in security printing, NFS adopts the utmost professionalism in handling our client’s sensitive product information confidentially and securely. We provide the most reliable and entrusted platform for product authentication available to businesses, and in turn, their consumers.

With our services, businesses can operate with peace of mind, knowing that their intellectual property and products are protected from counterfeiting. At the same time, our services assist the general public in conveniently identifying genuine products and distinguishing them from the replicas.

What is NFC

NFC stands for ‘Near Field Communication’ and is a short range radio frequency communication technology in contrast to......  
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All the CertEasy NFC tags validated by NF Systems are embedded with the NTAG213 NFC IC, which is developed by......  
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CertEasy is a smart phone application tool that authenticates NFC tags validated by NFS. Smart phones with the built-in NFC technology are able to download this app on the Google Play Store / iOS App Store free of charge.